Annual General Meeting

Concerns all members of the Schwa Student Society. It will take place on 24 October 2022 at 6:30 pm in Standard Cafe. If you wish to become a member fill out the form pinned on our facebook page, or come to the meeting where you’ll be able to register as well.


  1. Termination of membership for those who have not paid the membership fee (Article IV, 4, c)
  2. Counting of the present members
    a. Decision whether we have met the quorum (usnášeníschopnost) – Article VI, 4
  3. Debate about possible changes of the statutes (the current Committee has no suggestions)
  4. Election of the Election Committee (Article X, 4)
  5. Election of the Members of the Committee
    a. Candidates present their candidature, introduce themselves (e.g., what would they like to take care of) – the form is entirely in hands of the Candidate
    b. Presenting Candidates who could not attend the GM (see below)
    c. Election
  6. Annual report of the previous Committee
    a. what was achieved, what is scheduled (already prepared), the balance of the Schwa account, etc.
  7. Ideas and suggestions for projects – free discussion
  8. Party…? 😊
Membership fee! By the General Meeting (Valná hromada), it is necessary to pay the membership fee of min. 50 CZK (Article IV, 5, c) into the transparent account of the society 2301580423 / 2010. If not paid, the membership shall be terminated at the beginning of the General Meeting.
Absent Candidates: you may run for the committee even if you cannot be present at the General Meeting. The candidature must be sent electronically ( in advance. It will be read out loud before the election.
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